During this time of uncertainty, we at Quorum eLearning want to make sure you have access to accurate, helpful information from reliable, trusted sources. We wish all the best to our Quorum eLearning Community.

Below are a few very short experiences you might find helpful.

For most of us, COVID-19 brought with it a lot of stress. As we navigate our current world, often the last person we take care of is ourselves. This 15-minute experience is full of tips for taking care of our minds and bodies.

There are so many questions about pregnancy, giving birth, breastfeeding, and caring for a newborn during this time! And what happens if mom gets COVID-19? This 15 minute not-for-credit course provides information on all those topics and includes lists of questions individuals may want to ask their healthcare providers.

In this 2 minute experience, learn tips to support your resilience in difficult times.

This 15 minute short course explains the virus, its symptoms and how you can keep yourself and the children in your care healthy and safe.

Coronavirus 2019 (Covid-19) FAQs from the CDC

Social Distancing: Why Keeping Your Distance Helps Keep Others Safe (And YOU!)

Working and Learning from Home During the Covid-19 Outbreak

Help Your Family De-stress During Coronavirus Uncertainty

Tips for Families

Covid-19 Information for Grandfamilies and Multigenerational Families

Head Start: Coronavirus Prevention and Response