We love our teachers

You make a huge difference in a child's life!

Check out what some of our Quorum learners plan to do after taking one of our courses!

"Stepping back and letting them teach me the way they need to be taught. I think this will open up a new learning process for all of us."

-Crissy, Alabama (after taking "Autism 101")

 "I will print the free resources so I can be prepared when the parents ask me any questions regarding their child's developmental milestones. I know together, we can make a difference."

-Maribel, New Jersey (after taking "Developmental Milestones: Teacher, Teacher, What Do You See?")

"I will make sure that I am communicating with the parents about their child's specific eating habits and offer solutions with them. I will listen to the parents' wants and needs during mealtime and do my best to also listen to the child's wants."

-Jessica, Indiana (after taking "Responsive Feeding for Infants and Young Toddlers")

Meet Our Team

Trece Bell

The Quorum team works to support young children and their families in many ways. One of our graphic designers, Trece Bell, recently had an opportunity to support hospitalized young children at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Trece volunteered a few mornings with the children, helping them to get a break from their hospital rooms, and make fall themed designs using paints, Q-Tips, and cotton balls that Trece supplied. The children loved the art activities..as did Trece!
Below is a video of one of the art activities that you can try with the young children in your program!
Trece 3